Welcome to Just for little people (and others too!)

Welcome to “Just For Little People (and others, too!)”----where your personalized gift becomes a cherished heirloom!! A Gift for any Reason…A Package for any Season!


NOTE: "Our Design" page shows basic designs which we have improved upon over time.  We recommend that you browse categories to see our current designs on 'Buckets', 'Stepstools', and other products.  EXAMPLE: You want to order a Bulletin Board, and you would like the same design that is on Bucket #BS-40 to go on the Bulletin Board.  You can then reference THAT Item # for your design choice and enter this info into the "Comments Box".  


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Now Accepting

Whether it’s Hand-Painted or Embroidered, you’ll find we offer a huge selection of unique, professionally personalized & designed gifts! Specializing in New Baby and Big Brother/Big Sister, Baptism & Baby Naming, we can offer our designs or customize to match yours. 

Some of our most popular gifts include Rocking Chairs (wooden or mesh), Rocking Horses, “Director Chairs” (booster seats—a most practical gift), StepstoolsDish Sets & Piggy Banks. All of these make excellent gifts and can be made into impressive packages with the addition of a doll or plush item or toy, etc., to coordinate with the design and age of child. Our Bucket Packages have been a long-time favorite, and we’ve been told many times that the Buckets are used long after the child has outgrown the contents, and some have even made their way to college! 

We have that special gift for each and every member of your family, or ‘extended family’---right here in one place: Whether it’s a wooden Alphabet Letter with pegs for your good friend’s new baby, and apuzzle for the Big Brother, a purse for the Big Sister; or a Growth Chart and matching Piggy Bankfor your nephew’s 1st Birthday; or a Toy Cart with a “Teach-Me” Doll inside for your niece’s birthday; or Party Favors and a Jewelry Box for your child’s 5th birthday; a Baptism gift of a “Lamb lovie”, embroidered with name & date of the special day for your cousin’s child: a “High School Survival” Bucket package for another nephew; a Graduation Frame & Photo Album for another niece; aCeramic Envelope for your brother’s college graduation, with his brand-new title listed after his personalized name; a “Take-Out Menu Box” for your brother & sister-in-law’s new home; personalizedGolf Towels for your grandfather and grandmother, too; a wood Recipe Box ( filled with your great recipes) and a ceramic Wedding $ “Storage Jar” (with a couple of bucks to start her off tucked inside) for your sister’s bridal shower; or a “Retirement Fund” Storage Jar for your boss; or a non-skid Ceramic “Vehicle Vase” (with a fresh flower you’ve added) for your child’s fabulous and extremely patient school-bus driver; or an embroidered Tote Bag for your mother; or a personalized “Snack Bowl” for your father; or a “Stud-Muffin” Commuter Mug for your neglected husband-----OR, a Take-Out Menu boxfor yourself, exhausted after all this gift-buying and too tired to cook! 

Not sure what to shop for? We can help you select just the right gift to suit your needs and pocketbook. We will be happy to assist you over the phone or email with any questions you may have. (See “Contact Us” for info)

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